Ideal program for breaking into sports marketing, event management or facility management.

Gold Sox internship graduates are working for the St. Louis Cardinals and Tampa Bay Rays of Major League Baseball; the Sacramento Kings of the NBA; and  affiliates of the San Francisco Giants and others.

Participants learn and participate in behind-the-scenes baseball operations that are applicable to a broad base of sporting endeavors. The internship is also devoted to the planning and strategy of positioning the intern to be eligible for a full-time job and career in sports.

All internships are unpaid. College credit available if desired.

Available internship positions and job descriptions:

Facilities Intern:

  • Oversee stadium cleanup
  • Order supplies
  • Assist coaches and trainer as needed
  • Prepare stadium as needed each night
  • Schedule and coordinate repairs

Marketing Interns:

  • Prepare signage for special events
  • Coordinate nightly events with sponsors
  • Oversee and manage field events
  • Ticket and Pocket Schedule Distribution
  • Prepare stadium as needed each night

Concessions Intern:

  • Coordinate staff scheduling
  • Work with Food Service Manager on food supply orders
  • Coordinate and maintain concession cleanliness
  • Set up and coordinate private BBQ's
  • Begin concession preparation each night

Business Operations Intern:

  • Coordinate staff scheduling
  • Monitor Inventory Levels
  • Update and maintain season tracking information
  • Create or update flyers and forms as needed
  • General business accounting processes